Mortgage Renewal in Toronto, ON

Let us help you get a better renewal.

Incredibly many Canadians renew their mortgage with the same lender because they believe it's too time consuming to shop around - or think their existing bank's offer is the best deal available.

This isn't necessarily true. Unfortunately, many of these same people simply accept that lender's posted rate or slightly better. We'll shop some of Canada's leading lenders to compete for your renewal so you can rest assured that we are working hard to help get you a competitive rate matched to the features and benefits suited to your unique needs.

Renewing Your Mortgage with Another Lender

Just because you've received a renewal offer from your current lender, doesn't mean you can't get a better deal elsewhere. We can evaluate your mortgage needs and determine whether your current mortgage is still the best fit. We'll also shop your renewal to many of Canada's leading lenders to help find the deal you want.

Provided you are meeting the lender requirements, there is NO FEE payable to us for this service. Better yet, there are NO LEGAL FEES AND NO APPRAISAL FEES involved depending on the new lender.

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, get up to $250.00  towards your current lender discharge fee!

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Switching Lenders With a Collateral Charge Mortgage

A collateral charge mortgage is registered in a different way from a traditional mortgage, which uses a standard charge. The collateral charge may be registered for a higher amount than your actual mortgage loan. This allows you to potentially borrow additional funds on top of your original mortgage loan in the future without having to pay fees to discharge your mortgage and register a new one.

If you have a collateral charge mortgage and want to switch lenders, you will likely need to pay fees to discharge your existing mortgage and register a new one with the new lender. Your current lender can also require you to repay any other debts secured by the collateral charge on your home, such as lines of credit.

We have great mortgage products that allow clients who currently have an insured mortgage above 80% LTV that is registered as a collateral charge or running account the opportunity to switch lenders. The current insurance will remain in place and the client has access to our great 5 year fixed and variable rate terms.
The amortization will remain the same and again there are no appraisal and no legal fees to worry about!


Information provided by Snezhana Todorova, Mortgage Agent, Lic #M13000122. Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Watch Lic#12044
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