Mortgage Options For People Who Are Going Through a Divorce

Getting separated is never easy. If you have a home with a mortgage, please allow us to help. Our service is absolutely free.

Aside from the emotions involved with a separation, there are several things to consider and act upon relative to your current mortgage. We will help you get the answers to questions such as:

After the separation agreement has been finalized, some action now needs to be taken. The main questions that need to be address are

1) If You Will be Buying a New Property, or

2) Staying in the Existing One?

In the event of a new Purchase, here are a few areas to consider:

In the event of a Refinance, here are a few areas to consider:

Experienced Mortgage agent can help you navigate whatever scenario best applies to your situation all while coaching you on how to maintain a positive credit rating.

A traditional Refinance would limit the access to the equity in your property to 80% of its value (minus the mortgage). We have the ability to work with you and free up the equity to 95% of the value of your home (minus the mortgage) all while maintain AAA rates.

We can only sympathize that this is a difficult period in your life. Give us a call today at 647-893-2535 so that we can discuss your current situation and explore all options to help you move on with your life.

Information provided by Snezhana Todorova, Mortgage Agent, Lic #M13000122. Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Watch Lic#12044.
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