Cash Back Mortgages


Cash back mortgages are becoming increasingly popular among borrowers, particularly those who have limited down payments. Various lenders offer cash back programs, allowing a percentage of the property's value to be rebated to the borrower upon closing.


The cash back option can definitely help when it comes to paying closing costs, but borrowers should be aware that these products usually come with the following disadvantages:

- higher interest rates

- having to possibly repay back some of the cash back if you break your mortgage early in addition to the standard pre-payment charges


Who can qualify

To qualify for cash back mortgages you must:

Cash Back Mortgages for Closing Costs

If you have some money for a down payment but may need a smaller amount for cover other expenses, then a smaller cash back mortgage is the perfect fit for you.  You receive anywhere between 1% and 3% cash back on the mortgage to help with the closing costs, furniture and even paying off some other debts.


Flex Down or Borrowed Down Payment

This is slightly different from a cash back in that you can borrow your down payment from a line of credit, credit card or personal loan.  You can even use gifted down payment from immediate family members provided that you have good credit and stable income.

We have access to lenders that offer variety of lending solutions. As the experts in this unique area of financing, we can walk you through the each type of cash back mortgage available. We will go over the benefits and drawbacks to ensure you are making the right decision.

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